Cycling to work: examples

  • Counting of cyclists in Örebro

    Örebro (Sweden) developed a questionnaire to investigate travel behaviours and attitudes. The questionnaire was handed out to 600 employees at the technical department in Örebro municipality.

  • Survey in Siauliai about commuting habits

    Siauliai (Lithuania) took a survey among employees in the city centre. They asked for the public opinion about cycling, commuting habits and reasons for the choice of means of transport. The answers showed that most people were surprised about the questions.

  • Number of points of all participants in comparison

    The Rostock chapter of the German cycle association ADFC tried a concept from another NGO (VCD, Traffic Club Germany): A competition for employers to be bicycle friendly was arranged in the region of Rostock.

  • The German cycle association ADFC organizes in partnership with a big health insurance company (AOK) the campaign “Cycling to Work”. It is a competition whose goal is to motivate people to go by bicycle to their workplace.