For many people, cycling in their spare time often is the first step towards cycling regularly. On a holiday trip people have even more time to try cycling. They will remember it well if they enjoyed it and may then also try it as a daily means of transport.

The needs of tourist cyclists differ partly from those of everyday cyclists. Tourists prefer trips through nature, away from traffic. They cycle mostly in daylight between April and October. There are tourists who want to discover a region by bicycle and travellers who cycle on along distance route.

A cycling holiday in a region can be made more interesting with varied trails. It requires opportunities to rent a bike. Travellers need good routes to make 50 to 100 km every day with luggage and they also need accommodation – usually for one night only. Holiday cyclists want to see beautiful landscapes and cultural highlights. They need signposting, cycling maps, resting places with bicycle stands and information.

Cycling tourism has been a growing market for many years. Bicycle tourists spend more money than the average tourist. Many regions have recognized cycling tourism as a new possibility to present their landscape and attract tourists, thus building up new perspectives for declining

The cycling infrastructure for tourists is also beneficial for the local people. They can use it in their own leisure time and rediscover their own home. The example of a happy cycling tourist can also motivate people to try cycling again.