Information about cycling is important forcyclists and non-cyclists.

Many motorists and pedestrians do not know in detail the rights and duties of cyclists. Traffic regulations are changing. Car drivers usually learn them once for their driving licence. Cyclists and pedestrians do not need a licence and must be informed publicly. Awareness is the basis for consideration as the most important traffic rule. Needs of cyclists are very different from pedestrians or car drivers. As a group, cyclists vary greatly: From the three-year-old child to a ninety-year-old senior citizen, from a fast and courageous driver to an unhurried or cautious cyclist. Cycling is subjective. For example, feeling safe in a certain situation doesn’t necessarily mean being safe. Only information can close this gap.
Cycling infrastructure has to fulfil many wishes. To know about needs and rules is very important, especially for planning institutions.

Information about existing or developing cycling infrastructure is crucial if you want to motivate people to start cycling.