There are many reasons why bike parking is a very important issue when encouraging cycling.

Cyclists have to leave their bicycle somewhere when they are not cycling. A bicycle can have a stand itself but this does not protect it from theft or toppling over by wind. Thieves can easily carry away bicycles or parts like wheels, which are connected with quick-release skewers. Bicycle thefts are very numerous and common in many European countries. Fear of theft lets people favour old bikes instead of good ones or even keeps them from cycling. Bicycle stands must guarantee stability and offer possibilities to lock the bicycle to it with frame and at least one wheel. Theremust be enough space to move the bike in and out easily and open and close the lock.

The longer a bicycle is parked in one place, the more important protection from weather is. Bicycles suffer from rain and snow, as many technical components are not covered. For the cyclist it is nice to have a dry seat. A roof is necessary for protection. Side panels make it even more effective, but they should be transparent for social control.

Bicycle parking facilities must be easy to reach and very close to the destination, for example near the entrance. Otherwise they won’t be used by the public. Conditions of bicycle parking at home have an enormous influence on cycling habits. If there is no safe place at home and fear of theft is an issue, many people will not purchase a valuable bike. If the safe place is difficult to reach, such as in a cellar, people will not use the bicycle daily.