Cycling is fun and cycling makes people happy. Cyclists have perspective. Cyclists are seen. Cyclists meet their friends in the streets. Cyclists can stop everywhere. They are free. They reach the destination directly and fast.

Cyclists have the power. Their breakfast is their fuel. They feel the speed in the wind on their faces. Cyclists have the choice: Cycling can be thrilling or calming, sportive or modest. Cycling is easy – and a challenge to learn. Like walking, reading or writing it is a basic skill. It is hard to unlearn cycling, but many people become modest and lazy. They just forget about the fun of cycling.

Health is a main issue today. People are sick because of a lack of movement. Cycling is a way to integrate physical exercise into everyday life. There is no additional time and distance for sport necessary. Cycling saves time. Cycling is a good measure of prevention: Cyclists are used to changing weather conditions. It is good training for the immune system.

Air pollution, noise and danger of accidents can affect cyclists. Because of that cyclists need calm and safe routes. The need to transport children or goods like the groceries for the week is an important obstacle, which prevents many people from using bicycles. Even if it is not necessary to carry something on each trip, the flexibility to do it anytime is a big advantage of cars. A car also gives the opportunity to store things dryly and safely.

Almost everywhere are parking places for cars. Many people cannot imagine any alternatives to these needs and advantages. Bicycles have a small capacity for transport in comparison with cars. A common carrier is permitted to carry loads of 20 kg. With child seat it is possible to carry two small children per bicycle.

Some bicycle transport facilities provide advantages in comparison with cars: Child cycle trailers can transport two children and are very flexible. They do not need much space and are able to go through narrow alleys directly to the destination. Some are even changeable into a pram.

Other trailers are also usable as trolleys. They can bring the groceries from the shelf in the shop directly to the home cupboard. The greatest benefit of not using a car is to have no car with all its costs and duties.