At the end of the 19th century cycling was booming. It was a revolution of speed and independence. People could easily reach destinations outside their city, town or village. It is said that cycling made a great impact on humanity as it helped to mix the local gene pools and produce more intelligent children. Especially for women, cycling was a new opportunity to win independence and a great step towards emancipation. The growing popularity of cars in the 20th century, spreading noise, stench and danger in cities and townscapes scared off cyclists. They were displaced to the edge of the streets or onto narrow cycle paths. The best place to be was inside a car.

Nowadays cars congest the cities and stand in their own way. People are used to communicating via telephone and internet, knowing the world but not their own city and neighbourhood. Children are disabled by corporal inactivity, adults spinning in front of the television in fitness centres. The climate is changing from pollution. It is high time for changing minds and becoming active.