The commute between home and work causes a lot of traffic. Most people go to their work place every morning and return home in the afternoon or evening. Because of the division of functions in our society and settlements, this habit causes a lot of traffic. This flow of traffic is regular in time and direction and determines the dimension of streets and public transport facilities. Cycling needs much less space and would avoid traffic jams or allow a reduction of land consumption for streets.

Many people do not have enough occasions for exercise in their job and daily life. Cycling to work guarantees a certain amount of physical exercise and does not cost any extra time or money. Since many diseases of civilisation are caused by the loss of physical activity in modern society, health insurance companies and employers have an especially big interest in supporting cycling to work.

Some jobs, especially those without physical exercise, demand a dress code. Cycling in business clothes is possible but not very convenient over longer distances. Providing a room to change clothes or even a shower supports the cyclists. Sheltered bicycle parking facilities at the work place also promotes cycling in a company or administration.