Cycling and public transport: examples

  • Bicycle parking with protection from weather close to the platform in Bad Doberan County

    Doberan county carried out a survey about existing facilities and the potential for combining cycling and public transport. The study pointed out a good railway system and satisfactory facilities for parking bicycles at most train stations. All trains were well prepared for taking bicycles.

  • Örebro planned to develop a new public bike system. This should support the combination with public transport especially for incoming commuters.

    Research about existing systems pointed out that a new system would be very expensive and difficult to manage for the city. 

  • New bicycle garages at the main station in Rostock

    At suggestion of Cycle Association ADFC the operator of railway station set up ten bicycle garages at the main station in Rostock. A calculation showed their profitability only by renting them for 10 EUR per month. After a few months all garages were rented.

  • Bicycle transport in Intercity train in Poland

    The traffic company for Rostock Region introduced a monthly ticket “plus” including cycle carriage and further benefits for an about 10% higher price.