Cycling is a pleasurable thing. You can cycle to go from A to B. You can cycle for your own pleasure and you can cycle to change the world. This book wants to motivate people to cycle.

Cycling is good for your city. More cycles in the streets make your city more sustainable and attractive. You can easily do something to improve cycling conditions and to promote cycling. People are waiting for you to take the initiative. Cycling is for everyone. Everyone can do something for cycling. It does not matter if you are the mayor, a politician, a decision maker, an expert, an activist or just a citizen. There is a job for you as well! We need everybody.

Cycling means progress. You can start at any time. You can begin or continue at any level. Whether cycling is new in your city or a common thing: improvement is possible.

If there are any obstacles you will find a way to circumvent them or even overcome them. Look ahead and if you do not see a solution look around. There are others like you with the same goal who have already solved similar problems. This book passes on the experiences of 22 partners of the Baltic Sea Cycling project. Included are also all their contact information for your use. You will find help and friends.

The project “Baltic Sea Cycling” was enabled by co-financing from the European Union within the transnational cooperation programme Interreg III B for the Baltic Sea Region. This English online version was launched by the project “abc.multimodal”, co-financed by the European Union within the South Baltic Programme. We thank them for their support. Now read on and join the European family.