Information: examples

  •, Website from Baltic Sea Cycling project

    The Baltic Sea Cycling project has a website to inform about works in progress. On you can search
    for documents and information about the project.

  • Livani’s brochure about cycling and the city

    Livani in Latvia edited a brochure about cycling called “Livani on its way to a bicyclefriendly town” in English and Latvian. The brochure contains information about cycling and cultural highlights.

  • The Lithuanian Cyclists Community publishes a very informative electronic newsletter in English, German and Lithuanian. It contains information about cycling conditions, events and progress in the Baltic States.

  • Rostock’s leaflet for students about cycling

    Rostock published a leaflet about cycling for students. Every year about 3.000 new students begin their studies at the university, many of them new to the city.

  • Most cycle associations publish member magazines with cycling issues. The municipality of Rostock (Germany) has its own newspapers in which they publish their information and cycling news.