Cycling policy and strategy: examples

  • Cycle tour with politicians in Bad Doberan county

    ADFC organized cycle tours with politicians in Rostock and Bad Doberan County to show obstacles and progress for cyclists in the traffic system. The personal experience of cycling makes special problems and needs of cyclists understandable for everybody.

  • Örebro and Drammen developed an animated software to visualize a bicycle friendly urban environment. Main target groups are politicians and inhabitants. The two cities have chosen different kinds of urban areas which could give a broader perspective to the benefits from an animated film.

  • Kalmar

    The municipalities of the Baltic Sea Cycling project developed different strategies and policies to support cycling in their cities. All together they are working on an urban cycling strategy for the Baltic Sea region.

  • Cycling experts in Dresden

    UrBike, a project in the framework of Interreg III C invited bicycle experts from all over Europe to join a technical seminar in Dresden (Germany). The seminar was connected with a workshop of the project partners.

  • The BYPAD process in Rostock led to a political programme improving cycling. This 20 point programme was adopted in the city council. One point is the installation of a cycling committee working regularly on cycling promotion.

  • ADFC collage to visualize attractive cities