Cycle routes: examples

  • Separated cycling infrastructure in Västerås

    Västerås is one of the advanced cycle cities in Sweden. The city has a widely separated infrastructure for cyclists. A network of cycling paths connects housing areas to the inner city and to each other. Lit tunnels serve as crossings on even the smaller roads.

  • Baltic Sea Cycle route in the North of Klaipeda

    Klaipeda has built a very attractive cycle path through the forest to the Baltic Sea and on the Curonian Spit. It is part of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route, EuroVelo 10.

  • New cycle path in Livani

    Livani built a separated cycle path to connect important destinations inside the city.

  • “Cycle box” in Münster

    Örebro installed a so-called “cycle box” following the example of Münster. The area of a crossing directly in front of the traffic lights is reserved for cyclists. Cars have to wait behind a second stop line.

  • Fahrradstraße (Cycle street) in Kiel

    Linköping started an initiative to implement the instrument of “Fahrradstraße” in Sweden. It is a road only for cyclists where cars can be allowed by an extra sign. Cyclists may cycle together and may not be overtaken.